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wordpress blogging
wordpress blogging

Do you have a blog with no strategy? Don’t just blog because someone told you to. Your blog needs a purpose just like anything you do. We all know that a blog keeps your website fresh while helping with your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts but you need a real purpose or strategy to make it work for you. See below for more reasons to write a blog, effective blog writing tips, and if you would like to hire us to customize your blog layout to match your website, check out our package offering at bottom.

Reasons to Write a Blog

  • Pull in new visitors/prospects to your site via keyword-friendly posts.
  • Keep in touch with your customers via an enewsletter that links to your blog as the enewsletter archive.
  • Create a resource for your customers to turn to when you aren’t available to answer questions/concerns, thereby saving you time and giving them the full version of details.
  • Become the “go-to” resource for other websites to link to in regards to your services/products, thereby gaining popularity ranking with the search engines.
  • Create weekly/monthly tips for your customers.
  • Tell your story – do what bloggers do best!
  • Add value/promote your services and/or products.
  • Promote your projects/case studies/events/press releases.

Effective Blog Writing Tips

  • Write posts that target the keywords relevant to your business! Learn how to research keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Tool and then populate your post with a keyword-friendly heading, title, URL, and content. Also learn how to find long tail keywords for the perfect post idea or how to optimize blog posts for search engines.
  • Be consistent! Set a schedule to make sure you write often so people know when to expect your next post OR email your visitors when you have new posts written (via an enewsletter using teasers with links to the full post).
    If needed, install an Editorial Calendar plugin or CoSchedule to make sure you stay-on-task.
  • Promote your old content – called internal linking (link to other articles when makes sense).
  • Share relevant content from reliable sources or industry sites. Some marketer’s say “Promote other people’s content 80% of the time and your content 20% of the time.” You can either link to external sites from your own post, write curated content to get the benefit of promoting other articles on your website through a summary you have written, or just link straight to the other site’s article using a plugin called Page Links To. Do NOT copy another site’s content directly into your own blog which is considered duplicate content (a no-no).
  • Write seasonal/holiday posts.
  • Push your new blog posts to social media networks automatically via
  • Make sure to get executive voices within your posts so the blog stays with the business message.
  • If you don’t have the resources inhouse to write a blog consistently, request a Web Content Marketing Campaign for $1000/mo, hire a virtual assistant who knows your business and willing to learn SEO, or advertise or seek a student to help you!
  • Categorize or tag your posts. Read our post on What is a Tag Cloud and the difference of tags vs. categories.
  • Get guest posts written by customers/vendors/partners.
  • Read our repost on 67 Ideas for Blog Topics
  • Get a free online guide to blogging for various industries like food, real estate, etc.

Our Blog Customization Package for $500 includes:

  • Setup of WordPress blog settings
  • Customization of blogroll, category, archives, comments, search results, and single post layouts to match your existing website look
  • Limited to one customized sidebar with search field
  • Limited setup of two test posts.


  • This package does not include research of additional plugins or adding more than two test posts. If additional work is needed, additional charges will occur.
  • The $500 offer is ONLY offered as an add-on to a new website that includes training. If this option is adding on to an existing website, then the cost may be doubled $1000 (for extra design, review, training, and development time).
  • If you would like a content specialist to write your blog articles for you, check out our Content Marketing Package for $350/mo (3 articles/mo)
  • If you would like a custom designed enewsletter template to advertise your blog articles to your membership/client list, check out our Enewsletter Design Package for $1000. We have plenty of samples for you to look at.

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