Curated content marketing – a quick and easy way to keep your website fresh!

curated content
curated content

Curated content means finding and sharing the best and most relevant information on a particular topic with your own customers through your website. This is most helpful when you don’t have time to write a full article but instead provide supplemental material to your original content. And it is legal because it is considered “fair use” when you attribute the content to the original publisher/author, thereby benefiting the publisher by linking to them.

Let’s say you found another article you want to share on your blog but don’t want to just link to the other site because it only helps them, not you. What’s the point, right? Well, now there is something called content curation. Everyone has heard of content aggregation (automatically pulling in content to one spot). Well, that no longer works anymore because google and other search engines are already doing this for us through their own search algorithms. But content curation is what you could do differently. Follow these steps:

  1. Read widely in your industry or niche, seeking the best quality or unique articles that relate to your customers.
  2. Write a post with your comments/opinion/summary of that article (one paragraph).
    Tip: Write as much commentary as there is excerpt.
  3. Then copy in an article excerpt in quotes or italics (one paragraph)
    Tip: Don’t copy too much! You will be delisted from search engines when copying full articles because that is considered duplicate content.
  4. Add an attribution line/button with link to full article (in new window) Ex. “View Original at”.
  5. Then share on social media and enewsletter!

See below content curation example:

curated content example

Reasons to curate content — and how it will benefit your website:

  • Your experience with content curation will help grow your writing skills and inspire you to write more of your own content.
  • It appeals to search engines because you are creating new content on your own website AND adding to the conversation of another while giving the other website more value in the way of a backlink. This is WAY better than just linking directly to another site which only helps them, not you.
  • It appeals to your customers because you are giving them valuable content that they would otherwise not have time to research themselves. If they value your opinion, then give them what they want – your advise!!

So enjoy writing more content more quickly for your own website! Just don’t reply solely on this strategy for your blog! You need to write your own content too! This is only a supplemental option to help out when you don’t have the time.

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