Custom Ecommerce Store Package Add-On for $1000

Ecommerce is a growing trend that helps small and large businesses to sell to a wider more global or national audience. However, taking on an eCommerce site is not easy. There are lots of decisions to be made and having a web designer/consultant at your side to help guide you through the process is well worth the extra cost, not to mention having a professional appealing “look” to help pull-in your most valuable clientele. If you would like to move forward with an Ecommerce site, then we strongly recommend you first read our article on Everything You Need to Know About E-commerce. Then feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation below.

Please note that this package is an add-on to the $2000 Basic Website Design & Development Package that will give you a custom responsive website that is effective, professional, and beautiful. Therefore your total cost for an Ecommerce website will start at $3000. The following is what is included with this package add-on:

Ecommerce Consultations & Reviews: 2 hrs

  • Customize Ecommerce Store Settings (functionality)
  • Page layout and style review
  • Ecommerce strategy & basic SEO review

Custom Product & Store Setup: 9 hrs

  • Custom design of product and category page templates
  • Custom design of checkout and payment pages
  • Setup of 5 products (choose the most difficult variable products so we can guide you better)
  • WooCommerce comes with Reviews, Up-sells, Cross-sells, and one-page checkout.

Training & Follow-up: 2 hrs

  • Product Setup Training (includes detailed written training notes)
  • One month follow-up & Google Analytics Training
  • Free Annual Reviews

What’s Not Included:

  • Ecommerce Store monthly costs (WordPress’s WooCommerce is free, but Shopify and others cost monthly)
  • Purchase and setup of plugins to provide additional functionality ($100/hr)
  • Featuring products on a normal website page like Homepage (outside of store) ($100/hr)
  • Setup of Register/Login page for Customer Order History archives ($100/hr)
  • Advice on privacy policy text as well as shipping & tax options. We are NOT accountants, the postal service, or lawyers so the Client must be responsible for making these decisions.
  • SSL Certificate & Sitewide Setup unless this is a new site setup which is FREE (certificates are included for free with certain hosts like WP Engine)
  • Advanced Product Schema Data for better Google Listings

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