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Do you need an events online calendar to showcase your events, RSVP, or sell event tickets on your website? If so, we recommend you research carefully what plugins or event software vendor you want to use before moving forward too quickly. We’ve seen clients get into trouble with hiring vendors that would “say” their product was responsive (mobile-friendly), that the event pages could be search engine optimized, or shared to social networks, but it ended up not being the case. So having a web developer, who speaks the technical language and can do proper testing, research your options for you is definitely worth the money. There are alot of details that go into creating an event calendar and selling of event tickets that need to be worked out prior to spending the time to develop it. You also should know that if the event page details show up in a lightbox (popup) on the vendor’s server it will not help your site’s optimization efforts at all and what’s the point of that? However, with that said, some vendors offer more options in the way of accounting and reporting so you have to weigh what is worth it to you. Two recommended options are below:

StacheThemes Event Calendar

This is an up-and-coming plugin that has really improved over the years. I especially like the out-of-the-box look of this plugin and its ease of use by visitors. It also has great ratings and their support seems to be super responsive. It allows for WooCommerce ticket purchases, ical support, show a guest list, repeating events with some complex repeating schemes, multi-site ready, display weather conditions for up to 5 days, allow user event submissions, google maps, email reminders, countdown timers, and very customizable.

StacheThemes Event Calendar $27 »
StacheThemes Demo »

Events Calendar

This free plugin has improved over the years, and now works with WooCommerce for ticket purchases. They also offer a wealth of additional plugins that will further the functionality of your calendar with RSVP options, event registration management, email notifications, community events (letting users add their own events), community tickets (allow event organizers to sell tickets), event aggregator, filter bar, and EventBrite tickets. They even offer a free license of Events Calendar Pro for non-profits. However, there are some downfalls with this plugin like their recurring events are not as customizable as we would like (to edit each recurring event’s name so we can recognize who signed up for what), and their reporting is not as great as other vendors seem to offer which can cause problems for accounting.

Events Calendar FREE Plugin » 
OR Events Calendar Pro $89/yr » (offering multiple views, recurring events, & premium support access)
Check out Events Calendar demo »
To add more functionality, consider adding on these add-ons & extensions »

Our Events Calendar Package includes:

  • Setup of event plugin settings
  • Customization of main events page and single event pages (categories are a paid plugin option and would require more billable hours)
  • 1 hr of consultation and training (with written training notes)
  • Limited setup of two test events (content, photos, settings).

    If you need setup of more events, add-ons, or extensions including but not limited to payment options (for tickets) or an event submission form for guests/visitors to submit their own events, additional charges will occur at our normal hourly rate (an event submission form are estimated at 2-3 hours at $200-300).

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