WP Engine – Faster & More Secure Managed WordPress Hosting $20/mo + WP Updates $12/mo

Faster & More Secure Managed WordPress Hosting + WP Updates
Faster & More Secure Managed WordPress Hosting + WP Updates

When choosing a host, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you noticed your WordPress website getting slower?
  • Are caching plugins not helping?
  • Are you worried about the security of your website?
  • Are you concerned about scalability (large amounts of traffic)?
  • Can’t afford dedicated servers prices?
  • Do you want better support?

Well, that’s why we decided to partner up with WP Engine as a reseller which allows us to offer you a better host solution less than the cost of other WordPress-specific hosts who charge $35 minimum. This host configures their servers to WordPress thereby making them more efficient and fast. They also employ a number of security features and since hosting has a lot to do with security, you will want to make sure you hire the right one for the job. We have already moved over several of our customers and are 100% confident that moving your site over to WP Engine will increase the speed, security, and reliability of your site. In fact we offer migration for free so try us out!

Hosting Speed & Scalability Features:

Google says they lose 20% of their traffic for each additional 100 milliseconds it takes a page to load so speed does matter! Speed affects your google ranking, bounce rates, and mobile users getting quicker downloads. 

  • Evercache server technology, multi-server clusters, wicked-fast hardware with in-RAM caching, meaning your site will load faster than ever! WP Engine’s Evercache functionality is 5x faster than any caching plugins so no need to install extra plugins. (As of August 2019: WP Engine is the first WordPress Digital Experience Platform to adopt Google Cloud Platform’s newest infrastructure, the Compute-Optimized Virtual Machines (C2). With this technology, WP Engine’s platform will deliver performance that is up to 40 percent faster than anyone else in WordPress.)
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) meaning your website files gets served from many different data centers vs. from one location. This increases the speed of your site around the world!
  • Staging Environment for developers to work in while testing or adding on features while your site remains live. Shared hosting companies often do not offer this wonderful cost-saving option.
  • 2GB (2000MB) Disk Space + Unlimited Data Transfer + WordPress expert support
  • Scalability means handling large amounts of traffic. WP Engine has flex capacity via their clustered shared environment. They do traffic management really well.
Before and after you move your site, feel free to test your site speed here »

Security Features to give you piece of mind:

  • Force Strong Passwords, Limit Login Attempts, WordPress security (salt) keys used to improve login encryption, Admin user not installed by default – all to enforce security issues.
  • Isolated database access & Separating customer sites via filesystem roots – Shared hosting companies often do not offer this.
  • Firewall & Malware Scanning for hacking attempts and if your site is hacked, they’ll fix it for free!
  • Automatic Daily Backups with simple one-click Restore option.
  • Automatic WordPress Updates with Automatic Upgrade Protection that will test your site after each update! This does not however cover the updates for plugins and themes (Evolv can offer you this – see our updates package below).
  • Email Security Notifications when a plugin/theme has a security breach that needs to get updated right away. They also do not allow you to install certain plugins they consider to be insecure.
  • SSL Certificate is free with Let’s Encrypt! Have us upgrade your site to SSL »
  • Revisions are Disabled by default. Learn why and how to reenable them.
  • Read more on 11 Top WordPress Security Concerns & How WP Engine Takes Care of Them For You or WP Engine’s Security Environment


  • WP Engine does not offer email accounts, ONLY hosting, so you will have to get an email package through your Domain Name Registar (where you bought your domain) or Google for around $1-5/mo.
  • WP Engine’s Service Level Agreement
Regarding downtime, please read this very explanatory article on “Do You Have 100% Uptime?”

We offer WP Engine for $20/mo! Contact us for hosting »

To keep you more secure, we offer a WP Updates Package for $12/mo

Are you not keeping up-to-date with all your plugin updates? Do you know how vital this is to keeping your site hack-free? Let us do this for you so you can be rest assured it’ll get done. Even if your host is pretty secure and updates your WordPress software, there’s still a risk for hacking and speed issues when using outdated plugins and themes on your site.

How it works

We will first review your current site plugins and themes with you at an hourly rate ($100/hr) to see if we can reduce the amount of plugins/themes installed. Then we will ask to be setup as a User so that we can get access to your backend to install a plugin (Infinite WP) that will notify us of your latest updates. Every Wednesday morning (weekly) we will update your plugins & theme and do our best to make sure the site is still up and running. If we/you notice any other issues, we will notify you of additional costs to investigate and attempt to fix. Most of the times, an update goes smoothly and your site is good to go! NOTE: If you don’t host your WordPress site with WP Engine you can still signup for our WP Updates package.

Please contact us to request these packages or if you have questions.

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