How to Optimize Blog Posts for Search Engines

wordpress blogging
wordpress blogging

repost of “How to Format a Blog Post in 9 Steps (Cheat Sheet)

  1. Title Lengths: Don’t use too many words (4-8) and keep them under 70 characters. We use the free LetterCount to check.
  2. Use Images: Every post should have at least one image. When we don’t have the right one, we buy one from 123RF (for less than$1.00).
  3. Poor / No Image Names: Every image should be given a unique name that reflects its content and your target keywords.
  4. Adjust the URL: Delete all the words that don’t relate to your keywords. Shorter URLs are easier to promote. Google favors keyword dense URLs.
  5. Use Headers: Headers help break-up your content into readable pieces and tell Google the theme of your post.
  6. Outbound Links: Don’t forget to add links that connect related posts. A good rule of thumb is one link per 250 words.
  7. Inbound Links: Once your post publishes, link to it from a few of your older posts or pages. Don’t forget to share the links on social media.
  8. Make Lists: Readability is instantly improved with the good use of bulleted and numbered lists.
  9. Write Short Paragraphs: Help your readers enjoy your content by breaking it into bite-sized pieces of 1-4 sentences each.

Read full article for detailed explanation with examples.

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