How to Setup a YouTube Channel

Learn how to setup a YouTube Channel to display all of your videos from one location on YouTube.

  1. Login or setup a google account (always setup a business google account vs. using your personal account).
  2. Go to and click on your Google avatar in upper right hand corner and then the widget icon for YouTube settings.
  3. Under Additional Features, click on See all my channels or create a new channel
  4. First step, get a custom URL like this: you will have to follow Google’s  instructions for Get a custom URL for your channel. Please note that the rules have changed – they don’t let you choose your own custom URL; they instead give you a list of options to choose from only and normally it pulls from whatever your Google page URL is.
  5. Second step, we recommend you go to your main page with newly created custom URL to upload a logo, banner, and create a description on the page with a link to your website.
  6. Third step, to upload a video file click on the Upload button in upper right hand corner. Make sure it is made public if you want the world to see it, and that you add a description using keywords to help optimize your videos.
  7. Then you can share/embed those videos on your site as you wish. Goodluck!
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