How to Write and Send Effective Email Newsletters

Below are a bunch of tips for writing and sending effective email newsletters. Hope this helps you get in to the world of enewsletters in order to keep in touch with existing clientele or obtain new clients.

  • Get an Email Service! Never send emails from your own email clients! In order to send to the masses you need to use an email service. Their email servers are whitelisted so they stay off blacklists ensuring that your emails get through to your recipients, they manage your lists and unsubscribes, they provide vital tracking statistics with every email send, and allow people to signup for your enewsletter through a form on your website or to forward your HTML emails to others. Also by law, you must provide an unsubscribe and physical address in footer so these services make sure you abide by that.
  • Get a responsive HTML email newsletter — According to recent results over 60% of all emails are opened on a mobile device, and this number continues to climb. Wouldn’t it be nice to provide an easier reading experience for your recipients than a “pinch and zoom” email? Read this article on Responsive Mobile Friendly Email / Newsletter Design for more info. Most email services provide responsive templates you can customize OR you can pay Evolv to design one for you!
  • Get a good design and layout — something that organizes the page better, makes the headlines pop, has some simple imagery to go along with content and make appealing-looking, and provide a text alternative in case a recipient can’t read an HTML email. See below for an example of newsletter with 3 articles along with mobile one-column version.
  • Create Short Relevant Subject Lines — don’t just use “October Newsletter”, get creative and enticing with your words so that people will WANT to click and read your email!! Makes sense, right?!
  • Always provide a Forward to Friend button — Always offer a way to forward your enewsletter to others. Most email services offer this.
  • Always provide a way for people to update their subscriptions/profile.
  • Keep it short! Keep the amount of articles you write to about 3-5 max in each enewsletter and write short teasers that link to the full article online – i.e. your blog! This will shorten the overall length of the newsletter and get people to go to your website if they are interested in reading more, thereby increasing traffic to your site which is good for SEO, as well as allow you to track via your email service how many people are reading which articles.
  • Write relevant articles that relate to your audience — if you don’t have a purpose in writing a newsletter then don’t write one. You must be providing something your clientele want to read – so find out what that is and stick to that message.
  • Write strong direct headlines and short teasers! Let the headline catch their attention and then pull them in further with short teasers that entice them to click into the full version article online. Example below:

How to Look Younger in 15 Days!
Did you know that this fruit could take years off your skin? Find out which fruit and how often you should eat it.

  • Don’t overwhelm your readers with too many emails! Keep it to monthly, biweekly, or weekly emails whenever you can. Enough said.
  • Check your email statistics with you email service to see what articles people are clicking on, how many people are opening the emails, who is forwarding your email or sharing your articles.

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