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Everyone is already familiar with Related Posts right? That boxed section at the bottom of your article that internally links to related posts on your website. Did you ever really click on those? Well what if we were to include those same internal links within the article content itself? You might just get more people clicking on them thereby keeping visitors on your site longer while also helping to establish information hierarchy for your website and spread more link juice (ranking power).

To explain how this affects your SEO rankings, Google crawls websites to find links, internally and externally, which helps them to determine the relationship between your pages and posts so that they can give more value to the most popular content or what we call Cornerstone Content. Basically, with internal linking you are showing google which content is related and which posts/pages are most informative and valuable.

So try integrating more internal links when you can — and if you need help with that, there’s a plugin for that: Yoast SEO 4.0 (paid version) and the following article will share with you how it can get done along with all the other features that their latest version has to offer:

Every calculation is done in the browser, using the words in Yoast Insights. After figuring out the twenty most prominent words in your post, the tool sends a request to the server to get the best fitting articles. It presents the returned posts in a list, where the number one result fits the best with the article you are writing. The more matching words are found in an article, the higher it appears on the list.

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