Search Engine Optimization Basics – Do’s and Don’ts


An SEO expert has described SEO in 2015 as “Clarity trumps cleverness” and I think that is a perfect summation. Basically you have to work at it — there are no black and white rules anymore to optimizing your website. However, there are “the basics” we should all learn and know.

Also keep in mind that while SEO, “the practice of making content findable”, must drive traffic to your website, the WEBSITE must convert traffic into leads once you get them there. In the eyes of Google, you need to do both! It’s about the WHO is coming to your website and that you target your market legitimately so that they engage with your site more!

SEO Do’s

  • Use Pay-per-Click (PPC) or targeted ads ONLY for immediate SEO needs, not long-term.
  • Title tags and meta descriptions are still SUPER important.
  • Popularity, fresh content, & social media help but good quality content is still King.
  • Diversification of how you drive traffic to your site is key — through direct, organic search, social media, or site referrers (only legit links to your site is still good).

SEO Don’ts

  • 5% keyword density formula is no longer important
  • Reciprocal linking
  • Link Building (you link to me and I’ll link back to you)
  • Backlinks (the first 3000 people who link back to us, get…)
  • Sponsored bought links
  • Low Quality Linkbuilding (guest blogging, directory links, press releases, blog commenting)
  • Thin content/duplicate content
  • Meta tag Keyword overload “Keyword Stuffing”
  • No need to optimize for your company or personal name. This is not true SEO. Anyone can get found for your own name but it won’t help people find you when they don’t know who you are but are looking for your services.
  • Don’t optimize two or more different pages with the same keywords. Instead optimize only one page. Google will only list one of those pages.
  • Keyword density techniques — i.e. “I like to blog because blogging is fun. Blogs are what I do all day, etc. etc. etc.”
  • Spammy blog commenting with URLs in the comment
  • Hidden links (white font on white background)
Penquin Google update came in to rid us of these black-hat SEO techniques and that is how things changed drastically and many sites lost their high rankings and even got booted from Google.

How Google measures/rates your site:

  • Bounce rate,
  • # of pages visited,
  • site duration — how long people stay on your site,
  • site interaction with your content — going from page to page,
  • site speed — how fast your site loads – which can be solved by a good host like WP Engine,
  • responsive (mobile/tablet friendly) design now matters!!

So, we all know that things change daily with Google and keeping up-to-date is not easy. This is why I always recommend hiring an SEO expert to do your keyword research and help you with a proper plan IF search engine optimization is important to you. Just remember “SEO a marathon, not a sprint”! And you gotta be genuine about it, just like in life!

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