SEO Website Audit $1000-2000

Before you start an SEO campaign, make sure your website is ready! Even Google suggests you begin an SEO campaign with an audit:

A website audit from Evolv includes:

  • A technical audit of your website. Can Google read your site? Can Google crawl your site? Will Google have any problems with the way your site was built?
  • A content audit of your website. Is your content unique? Are you using the phrases for which your customers are searching? 
  • A link audit of your website. Google uses links from other sites, to determine you website’s authority. Do you have authoritative links? Has a previous SEO company hurt your site by building poor quality links to your website? 
  • A written report that explains how you can improve your site in light of an SEO campaign. This will include a specific list of action-items for your team to implement.
  • A two-hour summary call to ask questions about the conclusions of the audit. We’ll schedule your meeting two days after you’ve received the written report. This way you have time to review the report beforehand. We recommend all parties involved in your website attend this meeting (developers, designers, writers, etc). The audit is completed at the end of this conversation. If you have additional questions afterward, you can ask them at our normal hourly rate.
  • To execute on your audit, we’re going to need a couple things from you: access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. We’ll show you how to do this. Once you give us this access, the audit can begin.

If your website has less than 500 pages, this audit will cost $1,000. It will take two weeks to prepare. If your site has more than 500 pages, the audit costs $2,000. How many pages does your site contain? Go to Google and type “” (without the quotes and replacing “” with your domain name) to find out.

Benefits of a website audit

Prevention is worth more than the cure. An SEO audit catches potential problems before you begin an SEO campaign. What good is it to put in place SEO-best practices if Google is unable to read your site? Find these things out before you begin a campaign.

An SEO audit can also help you understand how much an SEO campaign will cost you. For instance, some sites duplicate content. You need to fix this before you add new content. An SEO audit will identify problems so you can include this as a cost to your marketing efforts. 

How long does an SEO audit take?

It takes us two weeks to perform an SEO audit. Some of this time is spent collecting data. The rest is spent analyzing it. Of course, we need time to prepare your report, as well. That’s what you’ll be taking back to your team to install our recommendations!

How much does an SEO audit cost?

For a smaller site, less than 500 pages, an SEO audit costs $1,000. For larger sites, the audit will cost $2,000.  Please use the method we explain, above, to determine how much an audit will cost for your website.

What is included in an SEO audit?

An SEO audit includes an analysis of the most important factors behind Google rankings:

  • Technical website factors.
  • Content audit.
  • Back link audit. 
  • A written report for you to make the necessary improvements.
  • A two-hour meeting for you to understand the recommendations of the audit. 

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