The Good Webhost

Finding a reliable, safe place to store and access your website is a critical and difficult decision to make. We know this is only a few notches lower than taking out the trash on your list of priorities, so we want to provide you with some information about how we reached our decision about webhosting.

It’s your property

Your website should be considered tangible; it is a property like a storefront or a computer and you want to make sure the lights stay on so people can find you when they need you and get what they are looking for in the process! Like most purchases you have to know what you want before looking for your webhost which means you either need to learn the language of the natives or you need a guide! With all the noise of reviews and webhost marketing the casual website owner can be easily confused or disenchanted.

Webhosting 101

The two basic components of any webhost are storage and bandwidth. Storage relates to how much information you can store on the host’s computers and bandwidth relates to the amount of traffic that is allowed between the stored information of your website and the rest of the internet.

These two components serve 4 main functions: Website, Email, FTP and Database. Webhosts will offer packages according to each of these components and functions. But what separates a good webhost from any webhost? Let’s find out why Evolv has chosen to host your site with Modwest.

Why Modwest is better than others

Is your host using a standalone server solution?

The advantage of the standalone server is simplicity. But what happens when one client on that server gets a flood of traffic or gets hacked? This may cause a site’s performance to slow to a crawl or go down completely.

Modwest hosting system offers a solution called the Grid System as explained below:
“Many web hosting companies set up standalone servers, each providing all services for the customers on that server. In contrast, Modwest runs a load-balanced cluster of servers to distribute the task of serving web pages and handling email among many servers.”

Modwest Grid model

Is your website more prone to attacks?

Anywhere you look you are going to see and read an increase in hacker activity. As with any valuable property, you want to keep it safe and secure especially when files are moving from a local machine to the webhost. Modwest has SFTP enabled by default while other hosts have only regular FTP enabled by default but will enable SFTP upon request. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is what allows developers to upload/download files to a server for editing/building your website. The reason why regular FTP is not secure is because it transfers content in plain text, including your passwords. SFTP stands for Secure Shell FTP which means that all content transfers arehidden behind a secure encryption. Thus the transfer of files is protected in the unlikely event any packets of information were to be exposed to a potential threat.

Is your webhost more prone to attacks?

Godaddy has become the target of a loose confederation of rogue hackers called Anonymous due to their initial support of the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, a Congressional bill that would have made it possible for copyright owners to seek court orders to take sites offline for practicing or aiding piracy. GoDaddy withdrew its support of the bill after customers began transferring their Web sites to its competitors and hackers threatened to attack it. This may be all the more reason why you don’t want to go with a large-scale organization like Godaddy for webhosting if the attacks continue to affect your presence online. See full article here:

Do you have a backup of your site if something happens?

You are never fully insured against system failure or hackers, hence automatic recovery of lost data is another important feature to consider with webhosts. This tactic is recovery preparation rather than prevention. This is where the daily data backup services Modwest provides comes in handy (saved for up to 20 days only).

Do you find your hosting support frustrating?

Because evolv is a reseller of Modwest you can talk directly with evolv when you have a hosting issue. They can serve as the go-between communicator between you and the technical people at Modwest. This makes for a more personable experience between you and your web developer and can ease the communication conflicts that transpire when a technical support person tries to talk to a non-technical customer.

Does your host have a status webpage?

Most hosts do not offer a way of communicating with their clients when something goes wrong, so they sometimes get inundated with calls when an event arises. Modwest however offers an online avenue of communication regarding any of the 4 functions of hosting and they keep it updated with notes every couple of hours for the public. It is located here for your bookmarking privilege:

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