Website Keyword Research Package $500

If you have a website you know the need for search engine optimization (SEO). Part of SEO is researching your keywords to see what “search terms” people are ACTUALLY typing in so that you can get listed in the search results for your relevant keyword terms. This package gets you access to a SEO specialist who can research your website’s keywords for you while saving you the time and headache it takes to do it yourself. Then you can integrate these keywords into your content appropriately along with the guidance of your SEO specialist.

$500 Website Keyword Research Package includes:

  • Client must provide 5 suggested keyword phrases and a finalized sitemap for SEO specialist to focus on. If any of these change after report is processed, additional fees may be assessed.
  • Upon submission of Client’s suggested keywords and sitemap, a keyword research report in the form of an Excel spreadsheet will be provided by SEO specialist within approximately 2 weeks. This report will outline a list of all keyword terms relevant to the suggested keywords along with recommended Focus and Supporting keywords and current SEO rankings for up to 5 pages. Then the Client can work to integrate these keywords into their page content that they must prepare in order for the SEO specialist to finalize the metadata which includes the page titles, descriptions, and URLs.
  • Upon approval of the report, the SEO specialist will upload all meta data to the new website as well as provide keyword optimization of images on each page.
  • Schema data will also be integrated into the website code to tell the search engines what kind of business the website promotes as well as other business info like ratings, author, and post dates.
  • A 15-minute discovery call will be offered at the beginning and a 30-minute report review call with copy recommendations will be offered after the report is done.

Disclaimer: Keyword terms in meta data does not ensure high rankings on the search engines under every term submitted by Client. Only continued content development and the employment of monthly SEO strategies ensures top rankings for competitive terms. Strong keyword architecture improves the overall performance of the website and makes it possible for high rankings to be achieved in the future with additional work.

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