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One of the most important things you can do when first creating a website is to optimize it with keywords and that requires quality keyword research. Of course, anyone can learn how to do this on their own, but the real question is do you really want to spend the time working on this (with the learning curve involved) when you could spend your time better making money and hiring a specialist who knows how to get it done right. Normally keyword research for a novice would take about a day of intensive work so compare your hourly rate with what is offered here for $500 to see if this is worth it to you. When done, you can take this report and optimize your website content with one focus keyword per page. This package gives you everything you need to get started in the right way, then Evolv can teach you how to integrate into your content or you can hire us to write your Web Page Content for 5 pages at a cost of $700.

What is a keyword?

A “keyword” or what I prefer to term a “keyphrase” (because it consists of a group of words, not just one) – are the words that someone types in to Google or other search engines to find what they are looking for. You can guess all day what people are typing in but unless you do the research you won’t know exactly what the best exact phrases are in order to pull them in. You want the ones that are the most popular but not too general – more targeted to your exact products or services. Once we figure out what those exact “focus keywords” are, they should get added to various parts of the website like the URL, the page title, meta description, content, image alt tags, and more. Keep in mind that one can only use ONE focus keyword per page but when you submit your keywords for research you can send a couple for each page so we can figure out the best one to use based on popularity and competition.

  • Client must provide 5 keyword phrases and a finalized sitemap for SEO specialist to focus on. If any of these change after report is processed, additional fees may be assessed.
  • Upon submission of Client’s suggested keywords and sitemap, a keyword research report in the form of an Excel spreadsheet will be provided by SEO specialist within approximately 2 weeks. This report will outline a list of all keyword terms relevant to the suggested keywords along with recommended Focus and Supporting keywords and current SEO rankings for up to 5 pages. Then the Client can work to integrate these keywords into their page content that they must prepare in order for the SEO specialist to finalize the metadata which includes the page titles, descriptions, and URLs.
  • Upon approval of the report and after content is confirmed by Client, the SEO specialist will upload all meta data to the new website as well as image optimizations.
  • Install and setup Yoast SEO plugin (if not already setup) to add schema markup for your business category and social media networks.
  • Local schema data (through JSON code) will also be integrated for local businesses to optimize their map listings in the “map pack” telling them what type of business you are (category) as well as your location, and contact info (that should be consistent with what is listed in your website footer).
  • A 15-minute discovery call will be offered at the beginning and a 30-minute report review call with copy recommendations will be offered after the report is done.
  • Disclaimer: Keyword terms in meta data does not ensure high rankings on the search engines under every term submitted by Client. Only continued content development and the employment of monthly SEO strategies ensures top rankings for competitive terms. Strong keyword architecture improves the overall performance of the website and makes it possible for high rankings to be achieved in the future with additional work.

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