Why WordPress?


WordPress has come a long way since its inception in 2003, but now is fast becoming the most popular CMS out there for many reasons. Whenever you consider getting a website choosing the right CMS for your needs should be an important decision you take into mind.

  1. WordPress saves you time and money with an easy-to-use free open-source CMS (Content Management System) to edit your website and is known to have the fastest of learning curves.
  2. WordPress makes it easy to add more functionality via plugins, thereby saving you money and your developer time from having to hand-code from scratch.
  3. WordPress allows you to change developers easily with little downtime because it is so popular and provides consistent coding standards they should abide by.
  4. WordPress is free, supported worldwide, and the most popular choice CMS out there for business websites — used by 60% (2015) of all the websites whose content management systems we know. See W3tech.com page with full WordPress statistics
  5. Security is not an issue IF you stay up-to-date with all updates (WP, plugin, and theme), utilize a good developer who knows how to make the site more secure, and use a secure wordpress-specific host that will fix your site for free and notifies you to update right away when there are plugin security risks.
  6. WordPress is easy to maintain — you can make updates yourself vs. paying a programmer to do it  like some of the other more robust CMSes require.
  7. WordPress has many wonderful responsive (mobile-friendly) themes to choose from and further customize if needed, so that one doesn’t have to start coding from scratch. These themes also stay up-to-date with WordPress and offer good support if created by a quality vendor.
  8. WordPress is the ultimate in SEO-friendliness because the code is consistent, simple, and streamlined so that Google finds it very inviting. Plus there is a plugin to update your sitemap whenever a new page/post is published as well as easily update your page titles and descriptions. 
  9. WordPress includes blog functionality which helps any Search Engine Optimization efforts because it allows for consistent fresh content, comments, and sharing of content by others — all of which search engines love. Also, when a new post is published it automatically gets added to many different places — the blogroll, category and archive pages, search, and even the homepage/sidebar as latest posts. Otherwise, without a CMS this would all have to be hand-coded from scratch taking more time to update your site.
  10. WordPress allows for more Social Media enhancements via plugins that can automatically integrate with social networks when new posts are published, allow people to share your posts/pages themselves, add pins for Pinterest, add Follow buttons, and easily add audio or video.
  11. All SEO/Social Media specialists prefer WordPress and because they are familiar with using this CMS it makes for quicker updates.
  12. WordPress is easy to monetize via ads or add e-commerce functionality.
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